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Anne has for years been disseminating to hundreds of FMs inspirational training on customer service and, uniquely, has been demonstrating how NLP can provide a powerful new take on FM customer service excellence. This is evidenced by consistently excellent scores and outstanding comments in our post-course delegate evaluation forms, and further demonstrated by unsolicited approaches from our clients for further in-house training courses in this subject asking for Anne by name and by her reputation. Because the delegates are from a cross-section of public, private and not-for-profit organisations reflecting the whole of the UK, all sections of UK plc have for years been exposed to this highly motivational training and go away inspired to put this into practice, so Anne is personally having a transforming effect on FM customer service in the UK.

Anne is one of the most passionate, engaging and creative speakers I have ever had the chance to host. Her speech at the European Facility Management Summit 2012 was both captivating and refreshing. Anne has a unique way with the audience and a real passion for her profession.

Anne’s first love is in serving customers properly, and she enthusiastically encourages others to feel the same way. Anne always enthuses me to keep customer service top of my own priorities. She is constantly developing herself and her own personal skills. Her recent NLP training is more evidence of this fact. Anne has encouraged me to explore this beneficial skill more and it has helped me to relate to my team and my customers in a new way.

Over the last ten years Anne has worked with a number of our clients delivering change programmes aimed at improving the customer focus and communication effectiveness of front-line facilities people and their management teams. Whether  dealing with dustmen or cleaners, receptionists or engineers, Anne has used her highly-developed people skills and expert facilities knowledge to engage, motivate and inspire change for the benefit of the client and the enrichment of the individuals’ working lives.

I lecture with Anne on the BIFM Foundation Course and know that her lively and engaging sessions have inspired a whole generation of incoming FM practitioners to understand that our field is about people just as much as processes. Anne is a person who puts her own people-centred philosophy into practice every day, to the benefit of so many of us.

Anne’s passion for placing people and customer service at the heart of improving FM performance made a great impact on me when we first met in the 1990s but it was not until some years later when we were able to work together that I saw at firsthand how her commitment to this belief can change behaviours in a sustained way to the long term benefit of the client, the FM team, and individuals within it – and in turn change their perception of FM. In the last five years, I have seen Anne work with a variety of senior and operational staff, as a trainer or consultant, and on each occasion she has inspired confidence; ambition and a determination to succeed.

I attended one of Anne’s NLP workshops and found it fascinating and thought provoking. It made me think about ways I can improve the way I engage with my customers. The presentation was fun, professional and had me engaged from start to finish. I would recommend Anne to any company that values their customers and wants to engage with staff and clients to get great results.

In working with Anne I regard her impact on the FM profession and FM delivery as unique, creative and hugely innovative. In moving my FM operations to a new level her ability to make major impact, in an enduring fashion, on delivery teams, customers and wider end users has been essential and demonstrates a deep industry understanding. Anne communicates in a totally convincing and game changing way to break established moulds and build on people skills at all levels. She has an amazing ability to release potential across the FM spectrum. It has been great privilege to work with Anne over many years and without her impact my own achievements would have been seriously lower. The FM industry needs the rare skills Anne possesses and acknowledging them will offer a real statement as to the direction of the industry.

I have regularly witnessed the impact Anne has on others when delivering customer service training.  She is a livewire, full of enthusiasm and passion for a subject she has dedicated much of her professional life to learning and teaching.  She explains things in a way that people ‘get’, in language that cuts through any barriers and uses her real-life experience to really bring home her points.

We all say it: FM is all about people. No matter what we are doing if we don’t bring people along with us, it just isn’t going to work! That’s where Anne comes in. Whether she is delivering her acclaimed training sessions or interacting with clients, contractors or other professionals Anne uses her insights into human behaviour to make a deep, radical and lasting impact on those with whom she engages.

Over the past five years Anne has promoted the concepts of customer centric change management through the training and support provided to her clients. Her focus on customers has influenced some of my own work on behaviour change, taking on NLP ideas, and can be demonstrated in the way that FM service providers are becoming more attuned to customer service as a technical provision.

Anne was one of the first graduates from the MSc Facility and Environment Management programme at UCL and at that time was interested in people and customer service. It is very clear that this work, together with her previous experience, forms a basis for the ongoing development of a practice-based approach to customer service.

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