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Michele Simon

Michele Simon

2007- 2009

NB Real Estate is a property consultancy whose principal business is property management on behalf of property investors. NB Entrust, which was formed in 2006, provides facilities services to NB Real Estate’s property management portfolio which includes 200,000 occupiers.  Project Waterloo was a major programme to change the approach of over 1,000 employees and service partners in 24 months to achieve a higher level of sustained and consistent service. The project was driven by shortening lease lengths, increasingly-demanding occupiers and the opportunity to steal a march on competitors by introducing best practice facilities management into the property management industry.

Anne played a key part in the people development plan helping to develop the role of the service representative –someone on the front-line usually a security officer, who becomes the ‘eyes and ears’ at a property or properties where no resident building manager was based.. This role provides NB Entrust with a greater degree of control and management across its entire portfolio of managed properties while enhancing the quality of our customer service delivery

Anne developed the responsibilities for the role; the job description and selection criteria; guidance notes for the service representative role; development of a one day training course using NLP and EI techniques; equipment list required; daily and weekly checklist; and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measurements. The one-day training course started with a 10 minute induction DVD which set out how the service representative fitted into the overall structure of the business and focused on the five gold standards of customer service: say hello; say goodbye; look right; everything in its place; think ahead and solve problems.

The effects were immediate. Service representatives gave an average training evaluation score of 9.2 and the customers rated them as outstanding. Two customers, who were NB Entrust’s competitors, praised the new roles and gave them ‘outstanding’ scores in tenant satisfaction surveys.  There was no attrition in the 12 months after the training compared with an average 14 per cent attrition rate. This reduced the cost of delivery of service and increased the consistency of service provided at NB Entrust’s buildings.

An account manager from a service partner commented: “the introduction of this role has not only strengthened an excellent working partnership with all other service partners and customers, but has allowed both NB Entrust and Advance to take service delivery to another level…….. our service Representatives take a great deal of pride in their role and…….. allowed them to become more customer focused, working far more closely with the customers.’

“As soon as I met Anne, I knew I had found a person who really understood that people and customer service were the most important part of the delivery of FM. She gave our building managers at NB Entrust renewed energy and enthusiasm. She had a wonderful way of helping them see how important their role could be and that in turn gave them confidence and fulfilment.  Her training gave them skills that they didn’t even know they had. It was amazing to see people grow and develop through her very systematic and thorough training methods. Anne’s approach has developed over years of experience in this industry and her impact in whatever she touches is profound and lasting. From the feedback I have had from the teams, I know that they have not forgotten the skills she taught them and the enthusiasm they have for their roles lives on.”

Michele Simon, former operations director, NB Entrust, now head of property management, Covent Garden London, Capital and Counties 

These training courses were delivered on behalf of the FM Guru and the Asset Faculty

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