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Polish Your Skills

Polish your skills

Are BICSc cleaning standards truly valued by FM service providers?  Anne Lennox-Martin looks at how the institute has had to adapt to protect the value of its accreditation scheme.

Polish your skills

How do you know that the cleaning operatives or housekeepers employed through a third party to work on your site are sufficiently competent to achieve the desired standard?

With output specifications considered best practice by most FM procurement specialists, does it even matter? Is it an internal matter for bidders or is some external validation required to assess an organisation’s credibility in the marketplace?

For 50 years, the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) has set professional cleaning standards and developed cleaning training courses that are then delivered by accredited training providers. Nevertheless, many facilities managers still believe that BICSc is a provider of training services, aiming to maintain recognised standards in the cleaning industry.

Indeed, even within the institute, some corporate members are not sure of its purpose. Throughout the relatively short lifetime of FM, the phrase “trained to BICSc standards” has been used as both a client requirement and a cleaning company’s claim as a standard. It now appears that the phrase has been used even when no BICSc individual accreditation has been sought or awarded to those who undertook the institute’s Cleaning Operative Proficiency Certificate Stages 1/2 and 3 training. Now, with the advent of new courses in the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite (CPSS), BICSc is looking to tighten up on its accreditation procedures and the use of its brand.

Read the full article here: 17 May 2012 Cleaning standards

This article first appeared in FM World magazine.


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