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Facilitating Democracy – A Look Inside The Scottish Parliament

Facilitating democracy – a look inside the Scottish Parliament

Imagine 129 of your most senior staff being dismissed and having to re-apply for their own jobs. Then imagine them, together with their administrative support and researchers, being banned from the building while this process takes place. This with no clear idea of who will return, who will have the power to make decisions on where they will be accommodated, and all the associated sensitivities around the impact this will have on those affected.

Scottish Parliament

Since devolution via the Scotland Act in 1998, 129 members of the Scottish Parliament stand for election every four years. The first session of the new Parliament was held in May 1999 and was originally housed in temporary accommodation until the completion of the new building in 2004.

Love it or hate it, everyone in Scotland seems to have a strong opinion on both the building, Holyrood, and the elected legislature itself. 2007 saw the first dissolution, election and new Scottish Parliament wholly conducted from the new premises and the FM team have used the experience of that time and the 2003 election to refine and re-model the opportunities and challenges thrown up by the political process.

Anne Lennox-Martin visited Holyrood just as dissolution began in late March, and despite all parliamentary business having ceased, found it a hive of activity with diverse teams collaborating together to make best use of this period.

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This article first appeared in FM World magazine.

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